Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009 Illinois All Grade champions!

Thanks to the good folks at Bloomington Normal Area Scholastic Chess for another wonderful event!  There were 330 players in 10 sections: by grade from K through 8, and one combined high school section.

Here are the 2009-2010 champions:

  • high school: Frankie Swindell, with a perfect 4-0.
  • 8th grade: Shawn Xun Lu, with a perfect 4-0.
  • 7th grade: Nathaniel Kranjc and Chase Walbert, each with a perfect 4-0.
  • 6th grade: Phillip Parker-Turner, with a perfect 5-0.
  • 5th grade: Sritej Vontikommu, with 4½-½.
  • 4th grade: Alex Bian, Anshal Adve, and Rachel Ulrich, each with 4½-½.
  • 3rd grade: William Radak, with a perfect 5.0, and a post-tournament rating of 1618!
  • 2nd grade: Vincent Do, Henry Curcio, and Ranadheer Tripurameni, each with 4½-½.
  • 1st grade: Jason Daniels, with a perfect 5-0.
  • kindergarten: Ivan Mitkov (uh-oh! we're all in trouble...) with a perfect 5-0.
You'll find the full crosstables here.  Players, proud parents, coaches, TDs, and organizers are invited to send material to me (stories, photos, games, annotations) for publication on this blog, the Illinois Chess Association forum, and the forthcoming Illinois Chess Bulletin (going to press the Monday before Thanksgiving).

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Frederick said...

high school: Frankie Swindell, with a perfect 4-0.

I can guess how he won his games -