Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coulda woulda shoulda...

Left to right: Dr. Mikhail Korenman, former World Champion Anatoly Karpov, 2008 U.S. Champion Yury Shulman 

Mikhail Korenman may hang out with strong players, but yesterday, he was who I thought he was, and I let him off the hook.

Chicago Chess Academy: Veterans' Day Celebration
Black to play

What is Black's worst move, and why?  Bonus question: what move did I play? ;-)

I had one minute plus three seconds per move delay left, but that's not an excuse for moving without spending at least one second thinking about my opponent's best reply.

And why did I only have one minute left?  Because Mikhail did not get discouraged when he found himself in a lost position, but kept applying pressure by playing moves that offered the maximum resistance possible.  That's what the Bears did to the Cardinals in 2006, and the outcome of that game was logical, too.


Frederick said...

It doesn't look easy at all: 1...Kd7 2.Rg7+ Ne7 leaves Black tied up, and 1...Ke5 2.Rc6 leaves the black king out of the action. Maybe 1...Kd7 2.Rg7+ Ne7, followed by moving the rook to the e-file, then activating the king and knight. But I'm afraid you played 1...Kc5??? 2.Rc6#. Ouch.

Bill Brock said...

It's not easy, but it's a matter of time. The ...Kd7 and ...Ne7 line was the first thing I thought of in the post-mortem.

Frederick said...

I can't see the photo, btw.