Monday, November 2, 2009


White to play and win

My name is Bill Brock, and I'm an amateur chess player who lives in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood. I plan to use this blog to ramble on about chess in general, and chess in Chicago in particular. I hope to avoid an inordinate focus on my own games, so please send me material!

I'm kicking myself for not having read Fred Reinfeld's
1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations forty years earlier. Please don't make my mistake: buy this book today!

Let's start things off with a little tactics quiz lifted from examples in this wonderful exercise book.


Frederick said...

Wait, you told me 30 years ago, when I approached your cash register at Powell's (IIRC) that I should put that book back?! (I looked at you like you were deranged and bought the book.) I'm confused. (At that point, I was strong enough that I didn't actually need the book, but wanted it for my collection.)

Frederick said...

1.Rd1! Qxc4 2.Rxd8+ and 3.bxc4

Bill Brock said...

It's true: I met (future) National Master Fred Rhine at when I was clerking at Powell's on 57th Street in Hyde Park (a famous used bookstore few blocks away from the University of Chicago).

Fred was buying a handful of Reinfeld books, and I tried to dissuade him!

ChessDad said...

Hello Bill, great start.