Monday, December 14, 2009

"Tasty" tactics

Black to play and win

Dvoretsky's problems typically make my head hurt. But I did (farily quickly) score 75% on the first four: the only one I missed was the one I'd seen before!


GreenCastle said...

At first it seems like White has everything covered up, but..

This threatens ..Qxf1+ so this rook must be taken. Rxd1 is no good as this rook was guarding ..Nc2+.

2.Kxd1 Qxf1+ 3.Qe1 Rd8+
Activating the last piece. The White K is smothered by his heavy pieces. Nd6 and Rd3 are each unsupported so that leaves:

If only the Rh3 weren't there, ..Rxd2+ Kxd2 Qe3#! Sadly I can't find a way to erase this rook.

4...Qxe1+ 5.Kxe1 Nd3+ 6.Rxd3 Rxd3

Three pawns for a knight, healthy pawns, active rook, loose White pawns... I'd totally settle for this in a game :-D

GreenCastle said...

Also in a game I'm sure I'd see 4...Qxg2+ 5.Kd1 Qg4+ having reached that point. :-|