Sunday, January 31, 2010

Carlsen wins Corus

Carlsen takes a stroll

Here's the report from the organizers' fabulous website.  And US Chess Online has a nice report up, too.

Carlsen overextended against fellow teenager Fabiano Caruana (who plays for Italy, but is also a US citizen).  He bailed out and drew a very ugly knight ending with accurate defense.  Caruana's -2 is an excellent début in a tournament of this caliber.  We now expect Magnus to win every event.

Alexei Shirov played another amazing attacking game against Lenier Dominguez of Cuba.  With two seconds left for each player, Dominguez offered a draw in a position where he was a piece up, yet losing by force by a combination neither player had time to see.  So with another minute on the clock, Shirov would have been the co-winner.  Great tournament for Shirov!

Vladimir Kramnik got nowhere against Karjakin: he too had a great event.

Vishy Anand (who seemed to be playing in Petrosianesque safety-first mode for much of the event) has to be somewhat disappointed with his undefeated +2 score.  But if you're Veselin Topalov looking for a weakness in Anand's game, you've got to be worried about facing Anand in match play.

Hikaru Nakamura beat Sergey Tiviakov demonstrated the power of the two bishops in a beautiful textbook ending (two bishops vs. bishop and knight): his +2 shows he has the potential to crack the top ten very soon.  (Once today's games are rated, Nakamura should move to #18 on the live rating list.)

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