Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kramnik as standup comedian

Oh yes, Corus. (I do have to work for a living.)

“At the start of the game Magnus just sat there with his eyes closed to the point where I wondered whether he’d fallen asleep and I should wake him up,” Kramnik told reporters afterwards. “But, seriously, my guess is that Gary (Kasparov) called him beforehand and told him he should try 1. e4. In the end he came up with 1. d4, which was the wrong choice, I think. He should have avoided the Catalan, a line I have a great score with, no matter whether I play white or black.”
Too bad there isn't a live ratings list for trash-talking.   But Kramnik backing up his words: he's now clear #3 in the world, only one win away from (re-)breaking the 2800 barrier.  Here's his win with Black against Carlsen.

Would Kramnik-Carlsen be a more interesting match than Topalov-Anand?