Monday, May 10, 2010

DGT North American Chess Clock


If price is not an issue, I'd still buy the Chronos Chess Clock.  But if you're too cheap to spend more than $100 on a Chronos (that's the story of my life), or if you're the parent of an absent-minded genius who tends to lose things, the $40 DGT North American is an excellent option.  

The DGT supports both the "traditional" delay and the more recent bonus (Fischer) mode common in international play and in local events like the 2009 Illinois Open.  Unlike the Chronos, the DGT North American cannot be used to crush the skull of your opponent.  The DGT's light plastic housing is more convenient, but probably somewhat less durable.  The settings seem somewhat easier to master than the Chronos's settings.

I used them this weekend, liked them, and bought two from Sevan Muradian.  If I played a lot of blitz, I would go for the Chronos, but the DGT North American seems ideal for tournament play.

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