Thursday, June 10, 2010

Andrew Karklins - Brock 2010, continued

This position from the Chicago Open is still haunting me!

 White to move
A. Karklins - Brock, Chicago 2010

Time to put on your thinking cap!

In the game, young Mr. Karklins could have played 23.c5 with some advantage: my bishop on b6 is shut out of play.  Instead, he blundered with 23.Re3?  I'm pretty sure that my reply, 23...Ne5! gives Black a nice advantage, but the complications after 24.Nxe4!? are rather amazing.  

In the game, I went wrong with 24...Ng4?  What is White's best reply?  Evaluate the position and give Black's best reply to White's best reply.

I could have played the superior 24...Ref8!  Now Rybka says that 25.Kg1 is best.  But what should Black do if White plays 25.g3 instead? 

Black to play
A. Karklins - Brock, Chicago Open 2010 (variation)

If you find a good move, look for a better one!

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