Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chicago Open class sections - Illinois winners

Chess is not all about the Benjamins (there are much easier ways to make much more money), but when a class player wins a large prize, that usually means the player has made exceptional improvements in his or her game.  Here are some local players who did very well this weekend:

In the Under 1000 Section, Jim Nowak tied for third with a score of 5.5.  $366.67: nice!

In the Under 1300 Section, Evanston Township High School grad Ashok Raife won a cool $4,000 towards his college education with a very impressive 6.5.  Jack Mallers, Dimitar Stanatov, and Imtiaz Al Garcia scored 6 points and took home $1,500 apiece.  Kyle M. Frapolly and Santiago Mata scored 5.5, good for $533.34 to each.

In the Under 1500 section, Todd M. Scarlett and Christian Kavouras earned $2,500 apiece for their 6-1 score.  Adele Padgett (who tied for first in the Illinois Girls Invitational), Rob Eaman of CICL fame, and Alexander Bologna each won $650.

In the Under 1700 section, Eric Emer won $1,675 for his 6-1 score; Robby Hecht, Benjamin Hutter, and Jeremy Berman won $500 each, finishing tied at 5.5.

In the Under 1900 section, Gwayne Lambert won $3,333.34 (nice!) for his undefeated 6-1 score; Hazim Malkoc and Oleg Trivonov took home $640 for 5.5.

And in the Under 2100 section, Matthew Wilber, Andrew Hubbard, and Mark Robledo Jr. each took home $1,075 for their 5.5 score.  (I have to play Mark on Friday: hmm.)

Congratulations to our local prizewinners and to all who played well!

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