Monday, June 14, 2010

One downside of playing in out-of-state events

A reliable correspondent writes:
A moment of sympathy for Jim Egerton.  He comes all the way to Las Vegas to play chess.  He has to schedule a bye for Sunday evening to catch his plane back.  His opponent Sunday morning never showed up.  Not a very chess eventful day for Jim.
In multiple-section events, there will usually be someone else in another section with a similar problem.  So if one seeks out the TD, then one might be able to play a game (though probably not at the original time control; it takes one hour to claim the forfeit).

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jim said...

And on the topic of sympathy, on Wednesday night I was traveling to Las Vegas and was in the air when I should have been watching the Blackhawks. I asked the flight attendant to check with the captain to find out what happened. I was handed a napkin with writing on it saying 4-3 win in overtime. Only person out of 140 to win by forfeit in round 5. It's still a great tournament but my business commitments are making it harder each year to participate. There is no luck in Vegas. Jim E