Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The dangers of mah-jongg

At least that's how I prefer to interpret an article titled "A Dangerous Blood Clot Is Linked to Hours Sitting and Playing a Game":
Doctors from Hunan Province in China reported a case of “mah-jongg-related deep-vein thrombosis.”
Of course, anyone who's been to a chess tournament knows that good players spend a lot of time away from the board.  Everything in moderation: Sitzfleisch is good, but so is walking!  Kotov's Think Like a Grandmaster offers suggestions for organizing your thinking time away from the board: walking is a good time for long-range planning.

Hat tip to Andi Rosen.  I'm off to get more coffee.

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Frederick Rhine said...

Thank goodness we chessplayers are paragons of good health.