Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chicago Blaze Board 3: comic relief

IM Angelo Young played very creatively in this game and got a pleasant pull in the endgame.  But Rensch found some good defensive moves, and Angelo is forced to milk a suddenly unpromising position.  Around the time the Blaze clinches the match, Young overextends and is forced on the defensive.  A rook and knight ending in time pressure is no picnic!

Young-Rensch, US Chess League, September 20, 2010
White to play and draw

White has a virtually forced draw in this position: can you find it?

What move did the International Master and five-time Illinois Champion make in time pressure?  

It's easy to make a silly mistake when you're trying to win a drawn position for the team's sake.  (So go easy on yourself the next time you blunder!)


Frederick Rhine said...

65.Nb3! threatens both the fork 66.Nc1+ and 66.Rxe6. If 65...Nd4, 66.Nc1+ Ke3 67.Rc3+ Kf2 68.Nxa2; 65...Rb2 66.Nc1+ and 67.Rxe6; 65...Nd8 66.Nc1+ Ke3 (or 66...Kd4 67.Rd6+) 67.Rc3+ Kd4 68.Nxa2. Apparently 65...Rxh2 is forced, intending to eat all of White's pawns and draw after 66.Nc1+ Ke3 67.Rxe6 Kxf3.

Bill Brock said...

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Frederick Rhine said...

Woo hoo!