Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Closer to home: Blaze win!

It was very disconcerting listening to the Bears on streaming audio and watching the Blaze on the Internet Chess Club.  I felt that the Bears' squeaker could easily have been a ten-point loss, but I was never worried about Philadelphia beating Chicago on the chessboard.

IM Arjun Vishnuvardhan (still a teenager!) makes an impressive debut for the Blaze!

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GreenCastle said...

When I was watching this game I was disconcerted by 46..Rc3?! I saw 46..Kf7, aiming to blockade the e pawn immediately, then launching an attack with ..Rc1-b1-b2. 47.Kg3 doesn't need to be prevented because after ..g5 the king can be driven back to the 2nd rank at any point.

I also didn't understand 53...Rb2?! surrendering the 'a' pawn. 53...f3 introduces the threat of ..Rg2+ followed by ..a2, and then ..Rb2-b1+ queening. So White must not allow ..Rg2 to be check. 54.Kh1 Ra1# is not possible, so 54.Kf1 is forced. Now 54...Ra1+ 55.Kf2 a2 and the threat of ..Rh1 is decisive.