Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GM Dmitry Gurevich wins Illinois Open

Congratulations to Dmitry, the 2010 Illinois state champion!  After downing two experts, Dmitry beat GM Nikola Mitkov and Wisconsin state champion NM Jeremy Kane, drew 2008 U.S. Champion Yury Shulman, and beat IM Angelo Young in the final round.

Alan Lee Davenport won the Booster section with 5.5 out of 6.

The event was rated last night (fast service!): crosstables are here!

Thanks to Tim Just and Wayne Clark of Chess for Life LLC for organizing another smoothly-run event. Sevan Muradian and the North American Chess Association lent sets, boards, and the absolutely essential 30-second increment clocks. Special thanks to Carl Dolson and the Illinois Chess Association for making the appearance of so many titled players possible!

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