Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is Liv talking about me again in People?

Unfortunately, no.

"Liv Tyler Dishes on Her Surprisingly Cool Chess Player Co-Star"

Elsewhere,  Jennifer Shahade writes:

Those jeans reminded me of Dvoretsky. Anyone under 2000 should not be reading his books and I'm guessing anyone over size four would be ill-advised to wear what one woman called a "3-dimensional cut which follows the natural curve of the body."

 Fashion makes impossible demands on all of us.  I resolve to read Dvoretsky (but on days when I'm over 2000), break 2200, and get back to a 32 waist!

1 comment:

Frederick Rhine said...

If you'll get me back to a 32-inch waist, I'll do a Vulcan mind meld with you so you can break 2200.