Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to beat Nigel Short in a simultaneous

Tim Nesham explains.

(In his excitement, Tim gets the date wrong: the game was played two days ago, on November 29, 2010.)


Tim said...

Ha. Perhaps the guy in Chicago, who said I was so excited I got the date wrong, may have noticed that I said I got home after midnight. When I saved the game I wasn't much interested in correcting a small thing like the date auto-generated by Rybka's chessbase interface. True, I was excited but I just wanted to get to bed as I had to get up 4 hours later and go to work! Moreover, the game may actually have finished just after mid-night. But it wasn't like my wife was having a baby!

Bill Brock said...

Had your wife been in labor, would you have finished the game first?