Friday, February 11, 2011

List of top players by affiliate (do-it-yourself club ladder!)

Mike Nolan just added a cool feature to the USCF affiliates search in MSA (for the uninitiated, that's the "Member Services Area" of the United States Chess Federation).  If you go to the MSA homepage, then click on "Look up a club or affiliate," then type in your local club's name, then choose "Active Player List" from the search, you'll get a list of the top 200 players who have played at least two USCF-rated events at your affiliate in the past two years.

Very cool: please thank Mike Nolan!

Here are a few links to Chicagoland organizations and friendly carpetbaggers.  Some of the lists look a little strange because of the requirement that one must have played in TWO events before appearing on the list.  The ICA doesn't even have a listing because it bids virtually all of its events out, and the winning bidders submit under their affiliate listing:  So if you see an affiliate with only one member on the list, don't be put out: it may just be an artifact of the tight search requirements.

St. Charles Chess Club

North American Chess Association

Chess for Life 

Chess-Ed CC

Renaissance Knights Chess Foundation

Evanston Chess

Highland Park CC

Continental Chess Association (the largest US organizer; Illinois juniors Rosen and Jayakumar make the top 200!)

Midwestern Chess Adventures

Midway Chess Club

Joliet Junior College CC

Chess Education Partners

Dynamic Chess, Inc.

Touch Move Chess Center

McHenry Area Chess

Knights of the Forest CC

International Educational and Cultural Services

Downers Grove CC

Park Forest CC

South Suburban Chess Club-Oak Lawn

Village of Park Forest

Tri-County Chessmen Club

I'm happy to correct any errors & omissions.  If I left out an affiliate between 600xx through 608xx, please let me know!


Ch1cag0Rob said...

Interesting. I noticed the Chicago Industrial Chess League has an entry when you look up "Chicago," but no players. What am I missing?

Bill Brock said...

CICL events generally aren't USCF rated.