Monday, March 28, 2011

Chicago Conference Chess Championship

Lifted from the Fenwick High School website: congratulations to Ian Kowalski!
Friar Wins Chicago Conference Chess Championship
 The Fenwick Chess Team ended the season in third place in the Chicago Chess Conference.  Chess players compete both as a team and as individuals. Senior Ian Kowalski played the "first board"--the most competitive position in team chess.  He ended the regular season in first place in the conference and then won the individual championship in a tournament held at St. Patrick's High School on Saturday March 25th.  Kowalski and senior Jen Concepcion completed the five-round regular tournament in a four-way tie with two players from St. Patrick's.  In a two game blitz playoff (an overtime in chess play,) Ian took first place and Jen placed fourth. 
Also competing in the individual tournament were Jan Concepcion, Josh Orenic and Valente Herrera. 
The Chicago Chess Conference consists of the Catholic High Schools in the Chicago metropolitan area.

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