Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Natalie Broughton?

Illinois Chess Association Treasurer Carl Dolson is the managing trustee of the ICA's Broughton Fund, which periodically awards the Natalie Broughton Life Achievement Award.  Carl's been asked to write a short biography of Natalie for the ICA website, and was stumped.  He writes:
The only thing I can find on the internet is from a Time Magazine article from 1972 on “Why They Play: The Psychology of Chess” in which Natalie Brougton, “a Chicago suburban housewife” is quoted as saying “My favorite gambit against male opponents is Sitzfleish. If you sit long enough, staring and pondering, you don’t have to have a fast mind. The other person will become so annoyed and tired that he finally slips.” I thought you, or other Chicagoans you know, would be able to fill in some of the blanks on Ms. Broughton.

I also found a notice of death from the June 7, 2002 Chicago Tribune for Natalie W. Broughton of Evanston, age 85, beloved wife of the late Donald B. Broughton, burial at Memorial Park Cemetery, Skokie. No obituary.
I moved to Chicago in 1979, and I don't recall having met Mrs. Broughton.  Readers?

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Frederick Rhine said...

Natalie Broughton is on LinkedIn; she is a realtor in Oklahoma City. OK (so to speak), she may not be the one you want. According to an article by Helen Warren on page 10 of the May-June 1995 Illinois Chess Bulletin, "The gracious donor of this award, Ms Natalie Broughton, was the honored guest at the ICA Awards Banquet on March 12." Nothing more about the lady. http://www.il-chess.org/icb_pdf/ICB_1995_05_06.pdf