Friday, May 6, 2011

"How best to stimulate hair growth?"

At least that's what seems to be on the mind of the player in the foreground, who looks vaguely familiar.  Citadel offers one of the nicest playing sites in the city (check out the view!).

Matthias Pfau reports on Round 1 of Citadel's summer 2011 event on the Citadel Investment Group Chess League Blog.

My AMA Rogue Squadron teammate Jim Duffy may have missed some chances after pressing in the knight ending, but he won an objectively drawn pawn ending (the PGN appears to be wrong on the Citadel site):

The final two rounds of the CICL playoffs will be held next Saturday, May 14th, at the North Shore Chess Center. Details to follow.

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Frederick Rhine said...

Of course 42.b3!= was correct. It's cool (albeit not for White) to see this famous pawn breakthrough succeed in actual play. Normally one only sees it (ad nauseam) in the books. As for stimulating hair growth, try Rogaine or Propecia.