Monday, July 18, 2011

Mitkov, Gurevich, Sarkar, Rosen win Chicago Class

GM Nikola Mitkov, GM Dmitry Gurevich,  IM Justin Sarkar, and NM Eric Rosen tied for first with 4-1 scores.  Sarkar is from New York, but we otherwise defended our turf.  GMs Amanov and Kekelidze also played.

I tied for dead last with two former masters (edit: they're under 2200, but the NM title is for life) and a future master, and I didn't play that badly: tough event! 

Congratulations to Max Villareal, who I believe was the only clear winner of a section.  Max won Class C with a perfect 5-0, going from 1412 to 1598 in five games.  (He was rated 1244 after the Chicago Open, then went from 1244 to 1412 at the Conitnental Americas Amateur--history here.)  At this rate of progression, we expect to see him playing for the 2013 World Championship.

ICA Secretary Maret Thorpe picked up 97 Elo in the Under-1000 section.  I kibitzed the under-1000 section a bit on Saturday: my impression is that most players with established ratings under 1000 have deflated ratings, simply because they're playing improving juniors in under-1000 sections. 

More to follow....

Results here!


Anonymous said...

mysteriously,not that is matters, mr brock forgot to mention the chicago class championship results of mark robledo jr who tied for 1st in the expert section and michael penway who tied for first in the B section. mysterious considering that last june he played both players in a intimate FIDE rated swiss tournament and in one case one of those players went out of their way to play him to prevent a forfeit from occurring in the tournament. could it be mr brock the free egg roll proffered you went down the wrong way during the post game analysis?

Bill Brock said...

Didn't read this comment till now!

Both Mark and Michael had fabulous tournaments: I intended to add to the blog entry, but never did. I loved the eggroll (thanks, Michael!) and appreciated Mark's sportsmanship.