Friday, October 28, 2011

CICL: Watch out for Loyola!

I play for the Rogue Squadron in the CICL East Division, and we're very fortunate to have David Franklin as our first board.  David lost his first game ever in CICL this week, to John Gurczak of Loyola.

The innocuous-looking 4.e3 has teeth.  I don't like combining ....dxc4 with ceding the bishop pair after ...Bg4, but top players have done just this several times in 2011, including Bruzon and Gashimov at the World Cup.  Kamsky's 7...a6 scores very well for Black, but that could simply be attributable to the fellow pushing the pawns.

And on Board 3, USCF Expert Isaac Braswell was upset by Peter Dimpoulous of Loyola, who won a pawn, then sacked a couple pawns back for a fierce kingside attack.  (Isaac is a lightning-fast calculator and a time-trouble addict: even though he lost this game, realize that he was finding reasonable defensive moves in an instant!)

Of course, the Rogue Squadron won 4-2 because we are objectively awesome.  But hats off to John, Peter, and our other worthy opponents from Rogers Park!


Ch1cag0Rob said...

"Objectively awesome." Love it. Nice post.

Vince Hart said...

Peter Dimopolous is a Prospect High School alum. He is a dangerous attacker who should never be taken lightly. I am glad to see he's still playing.