Saturday, December 24, 2011

27th North American Masters begins Monday!

Come watch our local masters in search of international title norms.  GM Mesgen Amanov, IM Angelo Young, and IM Arjun Vishnuvardhan face of against local stars Kumar, Aung Thant Zin, Rosen, Jayakumar, Chow, Waller, Wolf, Shankar, and Magness!  (But please don't ask me to explain the Schiller System format.)

Rounds are at 1 and 6 p.m. this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday;  there's one game on Friday at 1 p.m.  All action is at the North Shore Chess Center in Skokie.

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Sevan A Muradian said...

Schiller System is very easy to explain!

In a 9 round event, you can have 12 players. 3 players per team. You will play against everyone NOT on your own team.

This way you can place all of the senior title holders (in this case Amanov, Young, and Vishnuvardhan) onto a single team.

Some benefits:

(1) you can get 2 more norm seekers into the mix versus a traditional round robin;

(2) the senior title holders have to really play for 9 rounds instead of 'professional draws' as they have more ELO risk.