Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Local organizer to bring in best young chess players in the world to suburbs"

Awonder Liang (photo: Jeff Vorva, Chicago Tribune)

Patzer doesn't shave, wears flannel shirt, finds photo in paper
(photo: Jeff Vorva, Chicago Tribune)
Jeff Vorva reports.


Sevan Muradian said...

I'm glad the photographer listened to me and used the photo showing the largest amount of bald space on your head :)

Keith Ammann said...

Sevan's not joking. He really did say that. :-)

Bill Brock said...

Let's make the editorial policy of this blog clear.

One is always free to concoct stories about my alleged criminal conduct. But kindly leave the glowing scalp alone!

Sevan Muradian said...

That's an unacceptable editorial policy. I will now have to consult with my attorney.