Monday, April 23, 2012

"At Chicago chess tournament, girls rule the board"

Caeley Harihara of Rogers Park is a freshman at Payton 
Photo: Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune

Nice coverage in this weekend's Trib.

Local highlights:

Caeley Harihara (photo above) was playing on the top board in final round of the 16 & Under Section.  She lost to 16U winner Lilia Poteat of New York, and finished tied for third with 4-2.

Anjali Toly tied for second in the 12 & Under section, finished 5-1, and gained a bucket of ELO.

Miranda Liu (post-event rating 1675!) scored 5-1 in the 10 & Under Section, finishing tied for third in a 59-player field.

Shreya Managalm (already 1397!) "only" scored 4½-1½ in the 8 & Under Section: Shreya won her first four games, drew the second-place finisher in round 5, and lost to Maggie Ni of Texas in round 6.

Crosstables here.  The KCF All-Girls National Championship (organized by the Kasparov Chess Foundation and Renaissance Knights) drew 230 players in six sections.  And the event will return to Chicago next year!

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