Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wait until next year...?

I met NM Ben Gershenov of New York last year; he's a very pleasant young man and a phenomenal talent.  Ben and NM Dipro Chakraborty of Arizona (½ point behind Ben's 6-.0) are playing on Board 1 of Nationals: winner takes the title.

Board 2 is all-Illinois!  FM Eric Rosen (an undefeated 5-1) and NM Sam Schmakel are likely playing for second place.  So no repeat championship for Eric: Sam will have two more tries.

Aakaash Meduri made a phenomenal recovery from a first-round loss and also sits on 5-1.


Frederick Rhine said...

Standings are at

Frederick Rhine said...

Gershenov drew in the last round, winning the tournament with a 6.5-.5 score. Eric beat Sam Schmakel and finished second on tiebreak ahead of six others with 6-1 scores. Eric was the highest-rated player and had far tougher competition than anyone else, playing three of those who scored 6-1 and another player who scored 5.5-1.5.