Sunday, April 1, 2012

Youth Invitationals: Fifth Round


Denker Qualifier

 Qazi v.  Moskwa 1-0
 Kogen v.  Schmakel  0-1
 Meduri  Dubin 0-1

Girls' Invitational 

Xu v. Padgett 1-0
Harihara v. Liu 0-1
Provine v. Mangalam 1-0

Barber Qualifier

Adve v. Li  1/2-1/2
Turner v. Sun 1/2-1/2
Lehmann v.  Kalgahtgi 0-1
Bronfeyn v. Hrach 1/2-1/2
Heil. Gilchrist 1-0
Do v. Xiao 1-0

3:05 PM  The final round is underway. 

3:15 PM  Kogen and Schmakel are playing a Closed Ruy Lopez (Petrosian variation I think).  Qazi is playing an Anti-Sicilian line with Bc4 and Qf3.  Meduri has played the Advance against Dubin's French. 

3:20 PM  Xu is playing the Tarrasch against Padgett's French.  Harihara is playing the Grand Prix Attack against Liu's Sicilian and Provine and Mangalam are playing the same variation of the Ruy Lopez as Kogen and Schmakel. 

3:25 PM  Adve plays the Austrian Attack against Li's Pirc.  Lehmann is playing the Yugoslav Attack against  Kalgahtgi's Dragon.  

3:30 PM  Hrach is playing the Petroff.  Gilchrist played the English Defense against the English Opening.  Sun played 1...c5 against Turner's English. Do and Xiao are in a Ruy Lopez.

3:35 PM   One might expect Dubin and Meduri to be peaceably inclined after tough losses in the fourth round, however, Meduri might have a little extra motivation as he is 0-4 lifetime against Dubin.  They first played at the 2002 National Youth Action Tournament and they last played at the 2006 Illinois Open.

3:45 PM   Meduri had sacrificed a piece to expose Dubin's king.  Kogen has closed the center with d5 so a lot of maneuvering can be expected.

3:55 PM   Adve has sacrificed a couple of pawns and castled long in an effort to get at Li's king, but Li has been happily accepting such material and cooling defending all tournament.

4:00 PM  First result:  Kalgahtgi beats Lehmann.

4:15 PM Kogen, Schamkel, Meduri, and Dubin have been competing against one another for a long time.  All four played in the primary section of the 2003 Illinois K-8 Tournament. Dubin finished 4th, Schmakel 5th, Meduri 7th and Kogen 19th.

4:20 PM Heil and Gilchrist have reached an ending with rooks and opposite colored bishops.  Heil has more space but Gilchrist controls the only open file.

4:25 PM Dubin seems to be weathering Meduri's attack.

4:30 PM  With a three pawn disadvantage, Adve accepts Li's offer of a draw.  One less tiebreak for Sevan to worry about.  Li will be Illinois' representative Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions. 

4:40 PM  Schmakel traded his bishops for Kogen's knights and has now planted a knight on d3 supported by a pawn on c4 and backed by the other knight on c5.

4:45 PM Harihara has sacrificed an exchange and is trying to get at Liu's king.   So far this round, the recipients of the sacrifices have been getting the better of things.

4:55 PM  Moskwa and Qazi have both castled queenside.  Moskwa is trying to gain some space on that side with his pawns, but Qazi knight is firmly ensconced on d5.

5:00 PM  Sun and Turner agree to a draw.  Meduri is still attacking.  He has two extra pawns one of which is a passer on e6.  Dubin has an extra bishop but for the moment it is sitting on c6 and doing little more than his pawns on b7 and d5. 

5:05 PM  Do beats Xiao.

5:15 PM  Heil beats Gilchrist.

5:20 PM Qazi has pawns on g5 and f5, and Moskwa's bishop on g7 is looking uncomfortable.  Kogen took the knight on d3 with his bishop and Schmakel is spent a long time deciding to recapture with the knight rather than the pawn.

5:50 PM  Bronfeyn and Hrach draw.  The Barber Qualifier is complete.  

5:55 PM  Liu has held of Harihara's attack and is still up the exchange and a pawn.  Xu has a knight and rook against Padgett's bishop and rook and is trying to exploit Padgett's isolated d-pawn.  Mangalam is down a pawn.

6:05 PM  Schmakel still has a very pretty looking knight on d3, but Kogen seems to have done a good job of clearing all his pieces out of the vicinity.

6:10 PM  Meduri only has one pawn for the bishop now, but the bishop is not contributing anything to the defense.  Qazi is generating some nasty pressure down the f-file.

6:15 PM  Liu defeats Harihara.  Xu managed to pick of Padgett's isolated d-pawn.  Schmakel has gone up a pawn on Kogen.

6:20 PM  It looks like Qazi has a draw by repetition if he wants it.

6:25 PM  Schmakel goes up an exchange.  Qazi declines to repeat.

6:30 PM  Provine has bishop against knight plus two pawns.

6:35 PM  Xu has knight, rook and extra passed pawn against bishop and rook.  Schmakel is pressing home his advantage.

6:40 PM  Qazi has gone up a pawn on Moskwa.  They both have a queen and a bishop left.  Dubin is finally creating some threats of his own.

6:45 PM Schmakel gives back the exchange to create connected passers on Kogen's third rank.  Qazi picks off a second pawn.  Meduri has no extra pawns now but he still has a passed pawn on e6.

6:45 PM Kogen resigns.  Only one set of tie breakers for Sevan to worry about. Quazi goes up by a piece.

6:50 PM Qazi defeats Moskwa.  Liu defeats Mangalam.  Xu defeats Padgett.

6:55 PM  Schmakel is the Denker representative.  Liu takes first on tie breakers.  Dubin trades off the queens and rooks leaving him with the extra bishop.

7:00 PM  Dubin maintains his hex on Meduri.  All the games are done.

10:00 PM 5th round games from the Denker and the Barber are posted.