Monday, June 25, 2012

Adarsh Jayakumar wins second IM norm

The International Master title requires three norm performances: the 5th New York International Open is Adarsh's second.  He scored 6-3 in a strong field.  Congratulations to Adarsh!

FM Eric Rosen just missed a norm with 5½-3½.  Another veteran of the Illinois Chess Association's Warren Junior Program is IM Zhe Quan, who is now a Canadian citizen and who plays top board for New York University.  Zhe Quan scored 6-3 and was in contention for a Grandmaster norm.


Frederick Rhine said...

And to think that you taught him everything he knows!

Bill Brock said...

Adarsh started with the amazing David Monatelli; after me, IM Smetankin, GM Ramirez, GM Adorjan (I think?), and GM Amanov were among his teachers.

Frederick Rhine said...

Well, OK, maybe not EVERYTHING he knows.