Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Lady Gaga would never be invited to play in the Tretyakov Gallery"

 Peter Doggers interviews Boris Gelfand on ChessVibes.


 Tamara Golovey and Leonid Bondar (who taught young Gelfand in Belarus) went to Moscow to watch the match, as did Eduard Zelkind of Minnesota. Other former students of Tamara came from New York, Austria, and Belarus to lend support to Boris. Even the sponsor of the match, Andrey Filatov, was a former student of Leonid: he, Gelfand, Susan Polgar, and Ilya Smirin had all studied at the Academy of Sport in Minsk, where Leonid once worked. We're very fortunate to have Tamara and Leonid here in Chicagoland!

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