Monday, August 20, 2012

Beat a world champion at the Illinois Open

OK, so the world champion is nine-year-old Awonder Liang, the reigning FIDE 8-and-under world champion: this year may be your last best hope to take Awonder down!  Hey, GM Larry Kaufman probably had Awonder busted before Awonder managed to win somehow, and Awonder didn't even come close to beating GM Joel Benjamin, who held Awonder to a comfortable draw.  A player who shall remain nameless (rhymes with "Nad Nosen")  already thinks it's too late for me... (blogger arches eyebrows).

Grandmasters Gurevich and Mitkov are among the preregistrants: action begins Saturday, September 1st!

Sept 1-3. 2012 Illinois Open State Championship. 6R-SS. Open Section (40/90 SD/30 + 30/sec incr). Reserve and Booster Sections (G/90 + 30/sec incr). Doubletree Hotel 1909 Spring Road Oak Brook, IL 60523 - Phone 630-472-6000. $8500 Guaranteed + $250 Isaac Braswell Fighting Chess Award in Open Section

3 sections: Open, Reserve (U1800), Booster (U1400). Prizes (non-IL players eligible for max 3rd place in Overall Prizes and 2nd place prize for rating bracket prizes: Open - Overall: $1600-1000-300, (2399-2200): $350-275-200; (2199-2100): $250-200; (2099-2000): $200-100; (1999-1900): $200-100; (1899-1800): $200-100; Reserve (U1800) - Overall: $750-450-225; (1699-1600): $250-200-150; (1599-150): $150-100; (1499-1400): $150-100; Booster (U1400) - Overall: $250-125-75; (1299-1200) - $100-50; (1199-1100): $100-50. Open & Reserve FIDE Rated. Free Entry for IL FIDE titled players (WFM & above). 

EF: $64 by 08/04/2012, $96 by 08/18/2012, $128 thereafter and on-site. No checks at site, credit cards ok. Online registration preferred. No phone entries. Re-entry: $60 with 1/2 pt in first two rds only. Rd 6 bye must committ by end of Rd 2 otherwise zero pt. Players in contention for prizes must play final rd or have 1/2 pt bye committed to by the end of Rd 2 otherwise ineligible for prizes. Special Rules for Playing Up: $10 more if 150 pts or less from cut off of section, $25 more if 151-300 pts from cut-off, $50 more if 301+ pts from cut-off (Example: 1620 wants to play in open, 180 pts from cut-off, pay $25 more to play up).NOTE: Playing up fee paid in cash at the door - players will be registered in their normal rating section unless you come to the TD room to request playing up. 

Schedule: 10am and 4pm each day. Mailed entries: North American Chess Association 4957 Oakton Street Suite 113 Skokie IL 60077. All mailed entries must be received by 8/24/2012. Questions: No Phone Calls. Advance entries and online registration at:

Hotel: $91/night + tax. Ask for Chess Rate. 

Boards, Sets, Clocks Provided. Must use organizer provided equipment. Chess vendor onsite. August Rating Supplement. Special Workshops: Chess in Education plus TD/Rules Workshop. 1-day Scholastic Event. For registration on the 1-day scholastic event please visit

USCF and ICA mbrshp required for main event.


parinda27 said...

bill. . .i've taken that world champion (awonder liang) down in a tournament game but before he turned world champion . .if you'd like to see the game i'm auctioning it off on ebay .starting at 1000 dollars. . .oh btw. if you are over 35 years old and are concerned about beating a 9 year old before he turns 10 you probably shouldn't be playing chess competitively since your heart is probably in the wrong place IMHO

parinda27 said...

i'd also like to add that awonder adream and his father yingming ( or BILL (coincidence?)) are a wonderful chess family who need support from the chess community to help them achieve greater things and they've gotten some support which is great so now lets create an environment thats welcoming for them to play in and enjoy their talent while we are still here because people like jon and isaac can no longer do so. . cheers --mike penway

Bill Brock said...

Tongue was firmly in cheek. If I must explain the joke: some ADULTS are petrified by the prospect of losing to preteens. This seems silly to me. I constantly joke about never having lost a game to a player under 10, but I've already had several miracle escapes, and I know the time is coming soon.

We can learn much from them, and they from us.

parinda27 said...

bill you do have a sense of humor though here its harder to detect because i know kaufman is a hero of yours (you have his book) in at least two posts already you've emphasized how awonder should have lost to him...well he didn't lose he beat a GM and then he easily drew joel (who also has a book out) both these players are stronger than you. .you should be afraid you should be very afraid because awonder and adream have just entered the illinois open and they are coming to get you. ..oh btw i cracked up at your comment in one of your us open games that you. . . find....cheapo like batman in a dire predicament reaching for his utility belt at the end of one of those 60s episodes. .i got that one anyway see you at the illinois open if you see a 3 headed cerberus there its only me talking to awonder and adream

parinda27 said...

oh one more humorous note when i played awonder when he was 7 after the game i asked his dad in kind of a state of ultra-consternation because i wanted to show him some chess literataure. . does he even read? yingming's gentle reply was 'yes he reads. . .he reads very well'