Sunday, August 26, 2012

Road trip to Indy

Chicago and Illinois players had outstanding results in last weekend's Indianapolis Open. GM Dmitry Gurevich won his second consecutive event with a 4½-½ score.  Gurevich's victims included GM Nikola Mitkov and NM Gopal Menon, both of whom tied for third with 3½ points.  FM Andrew Karklins and NM Jonathan Kogen, both undefeated, also tied for third.

Rene Anchata split first place in the Under 2100 section, while David Gilchrist and Matthew Holloway were part of a massive tie for the Under 1900 prize.

Andrew Fei, Ian Gilchrist, and Ube Leopoldo tied for third in the Under 1800 section, and Blair Hu won some Under 1600 money.  Shashank Bala and Yiliang Li tied for second in the Under 1500 section, and Aditya Sharma tied for fourth.

Matthew Demaro took top U800 and Brendan Brown was top U600.  Not bad, Illinois!

Prizewinners listed here; and post-tournament MSA rankings are here.

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