Monday, November 5, 2012

Evanston Tri-Level results

26 players played four games in a day and were done by 5 p.m.: very nice format, Maret!  The multiple sections produce quad-like pairings: nobody is overmatched, and every game is a challenge for both players.

FM Albert Chow and NM Ken Wallach tied for first in the Gold Section with 3-1 scores.  Vito Vitkauskas and Bill Brock tied for third with 2½-1½.

Raul Dhiman won the Silver Section 4-0; Michael Wishner took clear second with 3-1, and Julian Bendelac, Brandon Zborowski, and Matthew Ylinen took third with 2 points.

Lorenzo Sampson swept the Bronze Section 4-0, Adam Wallach (chip off the block) took second with 3-1, and Keith Ammann and Nate Tracy-Amoroso split third.

Crosstables here!

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