Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wrapup - 2012 Illinois Class Championships

Jim Froehlich (left) plays  Mario Bartocci
Keith Ammann reports on the ICA website!

There are more photos at illinoisclass.com.

Speaking of which, didn't 
Ruy López de Segura advise his readers to place the chess board in such a way that their opponents would be blinded by the light of sun?  Two veteran Illinois tournament players  discovered that artificial light works equally well:

Giving a new meaning to "reflection":
neither player has been identified at the time of this post


Bill Smythe said...

Why the caption, "neither player has been identified"? Was the glare so bad you couldn't recognize yourself, or me?

I didn't notice any glare at the time (and I'm sensitive to glare, so I would have noticed), and I did win that game, so no harm no foul. My opponent, rusty after a year and a half of non-activity, couldn't have faced glare either since he was facing the wall, but could point to his 18-month chess hiatus as a contributing factor to his loss.

I chickened out in the early middlegame, eschewing winning a second pawn in favor of trading queens. I got into some trouble later and had to defend accurately, but my extra pawn eventually carried the day.

Bill Brock said...


You played very nicely!