Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bowling 'em over

In the context of chess, when we say "sack," we're usually referring to a sacrifice play. In football, it means to catch a player off-guard and knock him down. The latter is what Eric Paniagua, third-seeded in the Super Bowl quad in the eponymous tournament at UNAM, did to his opponents on Feb. 2.

Paniagua (1807) scored an upset victory over Expert Honorius Constantin (2045) and drew Bill Smythe (1873), finishing with a final score of 2.5/3.

For his final trick, Paniagua exploited a badly timed castling to tear open Paul Garner's position and score his second win of the day.

Vito Vitkauskas swept the Rose Bowl quad, 3.0/3. The Fish Bowl was won by Armando Rodriguez, a new USCF member whose only recent tournament activity was the unrated Chicago Latino Championship in November. Rodriguez finished with 2.5/3, pulling ahead of Armel Peel and Michael Monsen with a last-round win (Peel lost in round 3, and Monsen drew).

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