Sunday, February 24, 2013

Girls' Invitational, Round 1

Closer to home, here's some action from the North Shore Chess Center in Skokie. The Denker, Barber, and Girls' Invitationals will complete play later today.

It's a Najdorf, and White has done well out of the opening: is it OK to take on c5 and play Bxa6? 

Miranda Liu demonstrates why not....

Thanks to Vince Hart for sending game scores!


Anonymous said...

If anyone has the current standings for the Denker, Barber, and Girls' could they post them or if there is any 'live' coverage via facebook etc. could you post that? Thank you!

Frederick Rhine said...

A 1300 can certainly be forgiven for missing ...Bxg5! We all have to learn these things in our chess youth, often the hard way. White could try complaining to the TD that her opponent failed to give her a Miranda warning before hitting her with that shot.