Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Greek gift redux

Earlier in the month, I posted a game where I'd unaccountably overlooked - thrice! - an opportunity to play the classic "Greek gift" bishop sac on h7. This time Houdini says that my 10.h4!?, setting up the sac, was overexuberant. Despite Black's passive play, he could have gotten a playable game if he'd responded with 10...f5! Instead, he sent me an engraved invitation to play the sac. The final position is amusing: Black has seven pieces lined up on his back rank, and they're about to be joined by an eighth - White's queen. Now I'm 58-0 on GameKnot.

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Frederick Rhine said...

The best way I know of to understand the bishop sacrifice is to study the chapter about it in Vladimir Vuković's classic book "The Art of Attack in Chess."