Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 U.S. Open in Madison

114th United States Open
Chess Championship

27 July - August 4, 2013 · Madison, WI

Madison Marriott West
1313 John Q Hammons Drive
Middleton, WI 53562
Chess Rate:  $99 UNTIL 12 July 2013 THEN regular rates apply!!!
Hurry and book your hotel rooms now!

Entry Fee: $145 Online by Sunday, July 16, 2013,
$147 if mailed by Sunday, July 16, 2013, or
$150 by phone by Sunday, July 16, 2013

Half-Point Byes:
Must commit before Round 4 and MUST be submitted AT LEAST two hours before the round(s) in question.
Limit of one half-point bye in the last two rounds!

          Number of Half-Point Byes Available:
2000/up:                     Up to 3 half-point byes
1400-1999:                  Up to 2 half-point byes
Under 1400/UNR:      Up to 1 half-point bye

Zero point byes are always available in any round if requested at least two hours before the start of the desired round!

Entry Fee:
          Online: $145 by 6/16, $165 by 7/14, $185 after 7/14

By Mail: $147 postmarked by 6/16, $167 postmarked by 7/14, $187 postmarked by 7/21; DO NOT MAIL AFTER 7/21!

By Phone: $150 by 6/16, $170 by 7/14, $185 by 7/26. No phone entries after 7/26 (close of business at the USCF Office!)
                   Enter by Phone: 1-800-903-8723
At Site: $190
GMs are free, please call or mail-in entry.
All Entries must be made at least two hours prior to your first game played.     
Three different schedules for the first six rounds!:

Traditional: 40/2, SD/1 d5. [7/27] - [8/3] One round daily at 7PM then the final round [8/4] at 3PM.

6-day Option: 40/2, SD/1 d5. [7/30] 7PM; [7/31] to [8/2] Two games per day - one at 12 NOON and the second at 7PM.

4-day Option: G/60 d5. [8/1] 12 NOON, 3PM, 7PM, & 10PM; [8/2] at 12 NOON & 3PM.

All schedules MERGE after Round 6 and compete for the same prizes.

Round 7 [All schedules]: [8/2] 7PM.
Round 8 [All schedules]: [8/3] 7PM.
Round 9 [All schedules]: [8/4] 3PM.

Other National Tournaments at the U.S. Open

28 July: U.S. Open Scholastic - G/30 d5

31 July - 4 August: The 2013 U.S. Women’s Open - G/90+30 sec
Open to all female members of the U.S. Chess Federation

Side Events at the U.S. Open

27-28 July: U.S. Open Weekend Swiss - G/60 d5

27 July: U.S. Open Bughouse - G/5 d0

29, 30, & 31 July & 1 & 2 August: U.S. Open Quads - G/30 d5

31 July: U.S. Open G/15 Championship - G/15 d5

3 August: U.S. Open Blitz Championship - G/5 d0

All sections have a 5 second delay, except the Blitz and the Bughouse which have no delay and the U.S. Women’s Open is G/90+30 sec.

            The July Rating Supplement will be used.
            Current USCF membership through August 2013 required.
            This year’s U.S. Open will not be FIDE rated.
            Bring a clock - none supplied.
            Sets/Boards supplied for tournament, but not for skittles.

For more information or to register:

National Events Assistant, Ashley Knight: or 931-787-1234, ext. 138.

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