Thursday, May 16, 2013

Busy weekend: Downers Grove repeats as CICL champions

Congratulations to DGCC on their second consecutive win! Motorola Kings, DRW Trading, and the Rogue Squadron tied for second.

I had never been to Fermilab before: what a great site! After the event, I turned the wrong way and had the pleasure of tracing the cyclotron's path above ground.

Round 1 was played during the workweek.  This painful game (well, painful for me) was instrumental in Motorola's win over the Rogue Squadron. The sac on move 27 was dictated by the match situation (a draw was worthless), but Black had missed a convincing win a couple moves earlier with 24...Nxe2! followed by the fork on f3. Igor's game continuation was good enough:

Saturday was more fun for us.  In the final round match Rogue Squadron-Fermilab, I had the pleasure of kibitzing this interesting Sicilian Rossolimo battle between David Franklin and Dmitri Sergatskov.  David annotates:

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