Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grünfeld Defense, Russian Variation, Hungarian Defense

5.Qb3 is the Russian Variation.  I am old enough to remember the "Hungarian" 7...a6!? as a wild cutting-edge idea by some Hungarian players in the 1970's.  (Wikipedia attributes its popularization to Leko, but the name was coined before Leko was born.)  As a couple repertoire books recommend this move, you should expect to face it if you play 5.Qb3 as White.

Sam Schmakel was ready (or at least ready enough) and wins a nice game.

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Frederick Rhine said...

7...a6 was introduced by the great Hungarian world champion Alexander Alekhine in the 12th game of his world championship match against Euwe. Alas, he lost the game, and lost the match by exactly one point,, so you could blame his loss of the match on this game.