Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Department of hmm

As of this afternoon, we've got a whopping total of seventeen preregistrants for the 2013 Illinois Open.  With three grandmasters entered, it's true that your odds of winning the state title are low.  But with generous cash prizes and an incredibly strong field, your chances of having fun and bringing a little money home are high!

Or maybe you're a procrastinator like me?  (I was waiting till payday to enter....)

If you want to save the $3 convenience fee, Tim Just needs to RECEIVE your entry by August 26th.  Enter by mail here (this link is for non-ICA members).

ICA members, enter online here and save $5!  Or get your darn entry in the mail today and save another $3 (less postage): enter here (members only).

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Bill Brock said...

I was overworrying: 138 at the door.

Thanks for your support!