Thursday, December 26, 2013

David Peng at World Youth Championships

David has 7 points in 9 rounds!

UPDATE: He won again! Now 8-2! Tomorrow he faces Abdrashev Arlen of Kazakhstan, who just lost to Awonder Liang.

Cheesehead and honorary Chicagoan Awonder Liang leads the world with 9-0!

UPDATE: Make that 10-0! Tomorrow he faces Kaifeng Yu of China, who trails him by a full two points! That is the last round, so it looks like Awonder has already clinched the World Under-10 Championship outright, while David is fighting for second! We wish the best of luck (and skill) to both Awonder and David tomorrow.

FINAL UPDATE: Yes, David won the World Under-10 silver medal and Awonder won his second gold medal!  Story here.

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