Monday, November 30, 2009

Chicago Blaze tactics

The Chicago Blaze did not make the U.S. Chess League playoffs, but I think they had a much better season than the Chicago Bears are having. Our state co-champion, IM Florin Felecan, found a killer shot in this position:

White to move

Felecan - Mikhailuk, Chicago Blaze vs. Seattle Sluggers


Tom Panelas said...


Thanks for annotating this Blaze game.


Chaos said...


Could I get you to send me a pgn of this annotation please. I am putting together a book of the blaze games with Sevan. I will of course credit you as the annotator.

-Daniel Parmet

Bill Brock said...

I believe you can get the PGN by simply clicking on the link to ChessFlash!

The annotator is of course Rybka 3.0, "as told to" me.