Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fischer birth certificate

I've been meaning to contact the Department of Vital Records in Springfield.  If  you'd like to beat me to it, this might be useful.

 If you do, I'd appreciate a copy!


jo said...

What would you want it for?
BTW,be a pal and give me the first move of puzzle 3 if you have it. I am getting really stewed over it. Did they mean us to exclude 1.Qd6+ or not? and I cannot see a 'thrilling' move 2 anyplace.
(Don't worry, I'm not after the prize :-) Wouldn't even want it. )

Bill Brock said...

For the same reasons the birthers want President Obama's birth records? ;-)

See Edmonds & Eidenow: paternity (is Nemenyi listed as father?): this is unlikely, as Fischer's FBI file states otherwise.

Regina Fischer's Chicago address?

Possible surprises.


I haven't done more than glance at Christmas puzzle 3.

Tom Panelas said...

He was born at Michael Reese, right? Another reason not to tear the place down, though I think they may already have.

Anonymous said...

Anything notable about David Orr?

Bill Brock said...

"Anything notable about David Orr?"

OK, it was a silly thing to post...