Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am absolutely stumped!

A mindbender from GM Sandipan Chanda is today's ChessBase Christmas puzzle
Compose a position where White has only a bare king and Black has king and three pawns (no double pawns). It is Black to play and the result is a draw.
And no, tripled h-pawns don't count, either.

My best idea (I thought) was to have a formation like this

Black to play; several moves win
 or this

Black to play; several moves win
or this

Black to play; only 1...f2 wins

But none of these work.  Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Look here

Bill Brock said...

Wow: well worth looking for!

I don't feel so bad about missing it now.

Anonymous said...

a hint already online ... which the prize promised by chessbase lol !?

posted by von Krolock (Brazil)