Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Greatest Story Ever Told?

(Some PG-13 romance in the above clip.)

Love and chess (and class struggle and self-realization of the oppressed) in the same film? Jouer, c'est jouir! Reviews of the new movie Joueuse and links to YouTube clips on ChessBase.  Kevin Kline does the French!  Strangely, the trailer has no scene of the inevitable lovers' quarrel when New in Chess 2009.8 arrives in the mailbox.

(With respect to the title of this post, please credit this chess nerd with a sense of irony.  Much as I loved the Nabokov novel, I hated The Luzhin Defense.)

P.S. It was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival as Queen to Play.


Tom Panelas said...

This looks like a cool movie. Is there a version with English subtitles?

Bill Brock said...


I won't embed this one....