Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anand wins Game 2

Topalov was in very good shape out of the opening (don't blame Yury Shulman!), but Anand simply outplayed him in a queenless middlegame.

Coverage at The Week in Chess, Chess Life Online, ChessBase (with extremely instructive notes by teenage GM Anish Giri), ChessPro (in Russian), Crestbook (GM Sergey Shipov, in Russian; I'm told his commentary is being translated here), Europe Echecs (in French), and ChessVibes (on site in Sofia). I've been following Peter Svidler's commentary on Chess FM, but an ICC membership is required for that.  And of course, you'll find high-quality gossip and occasionally NSFW trash-talking, as always, at The Daily Dirt.

Australian GM Ian Rogers, providing coverage for The Hindu in Anand's hometown of Chennai, has some post-mortem comments by the players.

You can see the game (accompanied by video and English-language commentary during play) at the official site.

Monday is a rest day.  Game 3 begins at 7 a.m. Chicago time Tuesday.

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