Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bulgarian blogger

Ian Rogers compiles interesting sites for you to get your daily World Championship fix.  Here's one I hadn't seen before:
[...] Bulgarian GM Dejan Bojkov dejanbojkov.blogspot.com/ [...] has the advantage of attending the match and writing after watching the nightly Bulgarian television programme on the match.
Bojkov's comments (making allowances for his writing in a foreign language) are indeed very astute.  I've read a lot of nonsense on 15.Qa3!? (or 15.Qa3?!, if you prefer), but Bojkov gets to the point:

[Anand's] idea is obvious, White is clearing the d6 square, and is getting rid of the strong defender on e7. On the other hand he exchanges pieces, and doubles his pawns, which are serious drawbacks. But I believe that this is part of Anand's general strategy in this match- he will look for dry positions, with long-lasting initiative as White, and try to force Topalov to defend as long as possible, to torture him. Something similar did Boris Spassky, in his match against Mikhail Tal in 1969.
Round 3 was a draw: Anish Giri wraps up on ChessBase.

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