Sunday, May 23, 2010

2010 National Open in Las Vegas, June 11-13

This is the first year in a long long time that Chicago's Fred Gruenberg won't be running the show, but ex-Chicagoan Al Losoff will be carrying on the tradition.  Local GMs Dmitry Gurevich and Mesgen Amanov will be among the masters giving workshops and holding simuls; GM Susan Polgar, GM Varuzhan Akobian, and IM Irina Krush and several other top players will also be there.  (GM Arthur Bisguier, a really sweet fellow who's forgotten more about rook endings than the other players know, will be there, too.)

I hate Las Vegas; I love this tournament!  The venue is South Point; I don't know whether the $50 room rates are still available, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

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