Friday, May 28, 2010

A nasty trap

The Englund Gambit, 1...e5?!, is a very dubious opening, but it contains one very nasty little trap. I think almost every 1.d4 player falls into it at least once - hopefully only in a blitz game. White's first five moves are fine, arguably the strongest moves on the board. 6.Bc3?? also looks great, but loses horribly. After 6...Bb4!, White loses at least a piece, for example 7.Bxb4 Nxb4!, threatening both 8...Qxa1 and 8...Nxc2+. Instead of 6.Bc3??, correct is 6.Nc3! Bb4 (6...Nb4 7.Nd4 c6 8.a4! leaves Black's queen in trouble) 7.Rb1 Qa3 and now 8.Nd5 or 8.Rb3 Qa5 9.a3 leaves Black with a very difficult game.

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