Friday, August 27, 2010

Another cool Acosta game

Mariano is undefeated through four rounds: a commenter pointed out that he drew GM Larry Kaufman in Round 3.

More coverage at Chess Life Online.


Frederick Rhine said...

6.c4 is premature. It is critically important in this line that White not initiate central action too early (i.e., before he has castled). If you look at the databases, you'll see that White scores much better (albeit still poorly for White) with the correct 6.Be2!

Frederick Rhine said...

To be precise, BigBase (which you can check out at shows White scoring 45% in 61 games with 6.Be2! and only 22% in 18 games with 6.c4?! If you look at the games with 2...Bxb4 where Black sacs all his pieces and destroys White, it's always where White initiated play in the center before castling.